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one of a kind

In a world full of patterns, we are happy to follow our own. To turn a large variety of unique and artistic patterns into wearable garments as well as into home textiles. Welcome to lica design.  

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summer 24


Lica invites you to experience the new versatile print collection for Spring/Summer 24. 


We sense two inherent poles which lead us to the essence of our collection: 

‚Superfluity‘ and ‚Understatement‘.

There are various reasons to find joy in the opulence of colors and shapes: It dresses you in self-confidence during uncertain times. And, it might make you question what is real, as the natural and virtual worlds blend. 

The diametrically opposed 'Understatement’ finds peace in the reduction of color and the disappearance of form. It looks for nothing less than the essence of harmony. Solitude can be defined as a luxury.


In-between the striking ‚Superfluity‘ and the modest ‚Unterstatement‘ our trends for SS24 find their own place: 

The lavish glamour of the 70s celebrates a comeback: Gold chains and recognizable, abstract patterns adorn the Retro Elegance trend.

Our animal prints reveal their natural origin but at the same time are slightly modified (Animal Artwork) up to extremely distorted (Mixed Animal): Here, animal skins are layered with colorful geometric structures. Tropical Patches combines elements of Flora & Fauna in an imperfect, joyful look infused with intense color.

In an Electric Garden one can find big flowers, which bloom in bright colors in dark surroundings. Technology and nature are inseparable. Whereas in our Black-and-White-Flower theme the large scale flowers appear calm and more abstract.

Minimalistic, abstract Shapes bring bold and vibrant compositions to the foreground. These prints are loud but impress with their simplicity. This trend is followed by Crafted Geometrics, Calm Ethno and Calm Patches: The color palette turns softer, the patterns gain a crafted or traditional look. 

Soft Geometrics goes further and interweaves sun-faded hues in the most simple pencil drawings, looking for soothing harmony.

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