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In a world full of patterns, we are happy to follow our own. To turn a large variety of unique and artistic patterns into wearable garments as well as into home textiles. Welcome to lica design.  

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aw 22/23


With the LICA Print Collection A/W 2022/23 we strive for a conscious examination of people’s current moods and needs, heavily influenced by the shared experiences of the pandemic.

Throughout the past months the LICA community created artworks according to a motto, that listens to our senses: „What felt like falling, Became floating, Now is feeling“.

Time and the observation of dynamics in our society leads us to a positive addition to the current mood that had an influence on the print-trends, too: „Move forward, act for yourself and others“.


We could not travel, but we could share positive thoughts and immediate impressions of our surroundings: This circumstance resonates with a variety of scenic Photocopy artworks as well as the spreading of Joyful Spirits in form of silly Conversationals and bright drawings. 

Let us not deceive ourselves: Escapism sometimes seems to be the only way out. 

It is healthy to dream! We dream of hyper-natural flowers which connect handicraft with digital manipulation: A Botanic Utopia is born. Dark Expressionism lets clouds gather and wraps eccentric and saturated abstracts in a gloomy atmosphere. 

Not only in a dream, but also in reality, existing patterns are put upside down: Optical Illusion propagates a new perception of familiar geometric patterns. 

It is apparent, that the rise of spirituality and interest in astronomy mirrors our wish to escape. At the same time, it is a sign for the need to connect with others and find hold during unsteady times. The trend Mysterious Spirit tells stories of distant stars and draws emblematic patterns in futuristic disguise.

LICA calls for action. A turn to a more conscious way of living finds reflection in our trends Autumn Gardening, which presents itself in nature-inspired hues, starring floral looks and quality material, and Sediments and textures of the earth, which piles up naturally occurring patterns in big scale or miniature structures to indicate closeness to nature. 

To act for the greater good is as important as our personal well-being. Work locally and share internationally is a concept that finds great support through collaborations. Furthermore, rebellious movements find contours in fashion and print trends: Graffity Artworks visualize the voices of artists and communicate slogans. Prints in the fields of active wear radiate a tough look and carry statements that need to be heard.

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