In a world full of patterns, we are happy to follow our own. To turn a large variety of unique and artistic patterns into wearable garments as well as into home textiles. Welcome to lica design.  

For the print collection SS/2020 LICA dreams of a summer with ‘Pablo et Henri’ and invites you to come along to re-discover a vivid, colorful world. A fascination for flat silhouettes, with the inherent ambivalence of abstraction vs. naturalism, becomes apparent within the world of the two artists. We are attracted to the idea of reducing colors in order to emphasize on unique shapes. Furthermore, we find joy in layering and shifting abstract elements. 

How about a small stroll through the Provence? The beauty of the landscape, warm light and rich colors seems endlessly inspiring and has already been captured in so many traditional French patterns. The trend to find an abstract and artistic interpretation of those floral prints appears to be very appealing. Full of anticipation LICA introduces playful lightness through biro scribbles.

The good summer mood carries on in the theme of Feel-Good Vintage where sun drenched colors as well as irregular flower patterns create a joyful but sedate atmosphere. Nevertheless, another trend demands on an intensification of the Holiday Mood and embraces colorful, hand-painted, large-scaled florals/tropicals in a balanced composition. 

The idea of artisan tradition plays an important role for SS 2020 and especially finds use in the Africa inspired theme, where traditional geometric patterns meet with vibrant, sportive colors. 

In our dreamy mood we shall not lose sight of continuous progress in science and technology. In connection with nature contrasting prints can evolve, like blurred camouflage or static noise. Last but not least, we feel inspired to create New Skins with the help of cellular structures and propose geometric animals in diverse colors.



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