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In a world full of patterns, we are happy to follow our own. To turn a large variety of unique and artistic patterns into wearable garments as well as into home textiles. Welcome to lica design.  

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Time and place have never been more relevant as influencing-factors to determine a new trend. Moreover, for a long time in the western society we haven’t been confronted so much with a reflection of the self within time and space. A new understanding of these factors is needed and will help us to orientate ourselves

and to take opportunities which reveal themselves. 

All senses are sharpened.


What felt like falling

became floating

Now is feeling

Our home is our constant immediate surrounding. It is now the place where we
live, work, cook, eat and sleep, where we
think, recover, create, communicate and dream.
We not only learn to distribute our time differently but also come to value time as it allows us to break with our habits and find a new rhythm in (everyday) life. To take the time to re-shape the home induces a stronger interest for natural materials as well as handwork.

The soft flowing fabrics that envelope the daydreamer, who finds distraction in other worlds, appear in bright colors and shimmering sheen.

We can rely on the little green wonders that we like to surround ourselves with at home and that we take care of. The desire for nature as a retreat from uncertainty in the world is being mirrored in sustainable manufacturing processes and natural dyeing processes in the fashion industry. Next to that, deadstock or zerowaste are promising concepts. A clear orientation towards regional and seasonal consumer behavior again emphasizes on the aspects of place and time. Furthermore, this awareness bears the opportunity to shift to more local production sites in the fashion industry.

The nature lover is surrounded by a light melancholy and dresses up elegantly as well as practicably. We can sense a playfulness in light prints with real-flower prints.

Dreaming of distant places and digital traveling might help to process worries and uncertainties. It opens up new perspectives on current situations. The Neo-Nomad trend represents a positive attitude towards our paths ahead. The style can be characterized by the term ‚ugly chic‘ with, for example, abstract, small patterned camouflage prints. All stirred up by brush strokes, rough abstract structures as well as intense, bold flowers.

For many a desire for deceleration emerges from digital-media overconsumption. It is expressed in the Retro Revue trend that conveys lightheartedness and carefreeness. French millefleurs, checks and small geometrics bring back the 70s and a happy-go-lucky attitude. Bauhaus- simplicity with its basic forms and conscious use of color exists next to an 80s inspired sportive style with its simple colorful prints as well as special use of typography.

Through social media we can connect, share thoughts, inform ourselves and above all show solidarity. Next to aspects of time and place it is the notion of ‚the other’ which comes to the fore. Social media becomes a joint mouthpiece to stand up for human right and equality. This movement has a huge impact on fashion: street art inspired prints with graffiti elements and bold accents transmit messages. Moreover, this trend is shaped by up-cycling, bleaching, mixing of materials. Abstract photo-prints or surreal neon lights transfer the digital reality to a fashion trend.

Also our clothes represent an instrument for communication. Textile can be seen as a projection surface for positive messages. Artistic placements and text prints spread an optimistic attitude and are a sign for a conscious debate about present situation and future paths. 

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